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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Proceedings of the 15th International Congress on the Chemistry of Cement (ICCC 2019)

ID Title
605 Acceleration of M-S-H gel formation through the addition of alkali carbonates
Han Zhao, Theodore Hanein, Nabaichuan Li, Abdullah Alotaibi, Ang Li, Samuel Walling, Hajime Kinoshita
624 Acid resistance mechanisms of Alkali-Activated Cements
Juan Pablo Gevaudan, Wil Srubar
772 A comparative study of thermogravimetric analysis conducted on two different instruments
Oskar Linderoth, Peter Johansson
658 Activation of blast furnace slag with red mud and use of product as a supplementary cementitious material: evaluation of consolidation
Jose Augusto Ferreira Sales de Mesquita, Heitor Montefusco Bernardo, Barbara Pedro Roschel, Marcel Hark Maciel, Roberto Cesar de Oliveira Romano, Maria Alba Cincotto, Rafael Giuliano Pileggi
585 A defective crystal model for the molecular structure of geopolymers as a baseline for multiscale modelling.
Francesca Lolli, Enrico Masoero
540 Adsorption of polymeric micelles on cement and their influence on the early age properties of fresh cement paste
Jie Hu, Yangyang Zhu, Jiangxiong Wei, Qijun Yu
199 Alite hydration mechanism in presence of ye’elimite related to BAY cements
Diana Londono-Zuluaga, Jorge Ivan Tobon, Miguel Angel G. Aranda, Isabel Santacruz, Angeles G. De la Torre
28 Alkali-activated slag cement as a mineral matrix for solidification of borate liquid wastes and ion-exchange resins
Nailia Rakhimova, Ravil Rakhimov, Yevgen Lutskin, Vladimir Morozov
210 Alkali activation of low-calcium silicate hydraulic binders
Rodrigo Santos, Ricardo Bayão Horta, João Pereira, Teresa Nunes, Rogério Colaço
132 Alkaline activation of slag-cement with powder of waste glasses
Viviana Fátima Rahhal, Mónica Adriana Trezza
107 Alkaline blends of metakaolin-limestone: analysis by experimental design
Pedro Perez-Cortes, J Ivan Escalante-Garcia
631 Alkali–silica reaction mitigation using nano silica
Aly Said, Achraf Ayad
570 Alucoque a by-product from the aluminium manufacture as mineralizer in the clinker production
Edgardo Fabian Irassar, Alejandra Tironi, Anabella Mocciaro, Ernesto Dario Moyas, Claudia Cristina Castellanos, Viviana L. Bonavetti, Monica A. Trezza, Viviana F. Rahhal, Alberto N. Scian
289 A new strategy for more detailed understanding of OPC hydration: Adsorbed ions studied by a complete mass balance approach
Daniel Jansen, Christoph Naber, Dominique Ectors, Zichen Lu, Xiangming Kong, Jürgen Neubauer, Friedlinde Goetz-Neunhoeffer
765 A new supercritical fluids-based technology for calcium silicate hydrates production: application to cementitious materials
Valentina Musumeci, Jorge Sanchez Dolado, Cyril Aymonier
108 An investigation on alkali activated limestone binder
J Luis Santana-Carrillo, J Ivan Escalante-García
553 Applicability of modified Chapelle’s test on different types of supplementary cementitious materials
Anuj Parashar, Shashank Bishnoi
507 Application of preheating treatment to setting control of geopolymer cement using ground granulated blast furnace slag
Zhuguo Li, Ko Ikeda
80 Applications of in situ digital holographic microscopy to study dissolution kinetics of cementitious minerals
Alexander Brand, Jeffrey Bullard
333 Aqueous phase composition of hydrating tricalcium silicate
Thomas Sowoidnich, Frank Bellmann, Denis Damidot, Horst-Michael Ludwig
635 A review of sprayed concrete’s life cycle environmental performance: generating evidence to fill the gap
Marcella Saade, Alexander Passer, Florian Mittermayr
41 A simple model to predict C3S hydration kinetics
Frank Bellmann, Jürgen Neubauer, Horst-Michael Ludwig, Christoph Naber
466 Assessing the durability of geopolymer mortars and of their interfaces with CEMV concrete
Sandy Lanier, Catherine DAVY, Céline Cau-Dit-Coumes, Thierry Dubois, David Lambertin
487 Assessing the durability of magnesium phosphate mortars by alkaline water
Sandy Lanier, Catherine DAVY, David Lambertin, Thierry Dubois, Céline Cau-Dit-Coumes
551 Assessment of the impact of water activity on clinker reactivity
Thomas Matschei, Luis Baquerizo, Karen Scrivener
623 “ASSpC” Shotcrete research for the needs of tomorrow
Florian Mittermayr, Isabel Galan, Marcella Ruschi Mendes Saade, Andreas Saxer, Wolfgang Kusterle
516 Autogenous shrinkage and mechanical properties of alkali-activated slag blended with metakaolin
Zhenming Li, Guang Ye
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ID Title
198 Behavior of Belite cement blended with Calcium sulfoaluminate cement: an Ecocement
Angeles G. De la Torre, Diana Londono-Zuluaga, Juan Manuel Pineda
401 Belitic calcium sulfoaluminate cement: Hydration chemistry, performance, and use in the United States
Eric Bescher, Ken Vallens, John Kim
603 Bench-marking the miniature concrete prism test and the concrete cylinder tests to field exposure blocks for mitigation of alkali-silica reaction
Krishna Siva Teja Chopperla, Thano Drimalas, Jussara Tanesi, Ahmad Ardani, Michael Laskey, Michael Thomas, Kevin Folliard, Jason Ideker
305 Blended binders based on ordinary Portland cement and mechanochemically activated fly ash with a polymer-based admixture
Alexander Mezhov, Ursula Pott, Dietmar Stephan, Konstantin Kovler
379 Blended cement with illitic calcined clay and calcareous material
Edgardo Fabian Irassar, Viviana L. Bonavetti, Cristina Castellano
461 Blended red brick powder/metakaolin geopolymers
Pavel Rovnaník, Cecílie Mizerová, Patrik Bayer
479 Bridging the gap between nanoparticle simulations and chemical kinetics of cement hydration
Enrico Masoero, Kumaran Coopamootoo
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ID Title
346 Calcined clays as supplementary cementitious materials: A feasibility study in Sweden
Arezou Babaahmadi, Urs Mueller, Gilles Plusquellec, Mats Engdahl, Mikael Erlström
445 Calcium aluminoferrite elasticity and electronic structure
Xabier Mendez Aretxabaleta, Iñigo Etxebarria, Hegoi Manzano
697 Calcium alumino-silicate hydrates (C-A-S-H) carbonation kinetics
Ekoe Kangni-Foli, Emilie L'Hôpital, Thibault Charpentier, Alexandre Dauzères, Jean-Baptiste d’Espinose de Lacaillerie, Patrick Le Bescop, Stéphane Poyet
602 Calcium silicate cement and mineral carbonation applied to precast industry
Vincent Meyer, Jason Bryant, Sada Sahu
56 Calcium sulfoaluminate cement expansion: effects of pore solution and crystallization pressures
Craig Hargis, Barbara Lothenbach, Christian Mueller, Frank Winnefeld
606 Ca leaching of shotcrete & secondary precipitation- an experimental approach
Marlene Sakoparnig, Isabel Galan, Andre Balderman, Florian Steindl, Martin Dietzel, Maria Thumann, Andreas Saxer, Wolfgang Kusterle, Florian Mittermayr
227 Calibration of Laser-Ablation-ICP-MS for the quantitative analysis of concretes
Marco Decker, Harald Hilbig, Detlef Heinz
29 Carbonation assessment in cementitious materials by using thymol blue indicator
Miguel Angel Sanjuán, Esteban Estévez, Cristina Argiz, Daniel del Barrio
338 Carbonation parameter influence on rankinite hardening process
Raimundas Siauciunas, Agne Smigelskyte
637 Carbonation rate of C3S crushed paste as a function of hydration degree and relative humidity
Bruno Huet, Gabriel Pham, Aleth Bauland, Mouna Boumaaza, Remi Barbarulo
391 CLEANKER project: CO2 capture in cement plant by Calcium looping process
Fulvio Canonico, Luigi Buzzi, Mario Balocco, Francesco Magli, Martina Fantini, Matteo Romano, Stefano Consonni
347 Clinker production with high chlorine Alternative Fuels
Nestor Isaias Quintero Mora, Juan Carlos Martinez, Carlos Medina Ayala
646 Coal fly ash geopolymer: study of weight variation and shrinkage as a function of relative humidity change
Stefania Manzi, Lorenza Carabba, Maria Chiara Bignozzi
681 Coal mining waste as a kaolinite source for production of ternary blended cements
Camila Salvi Malacarne, Raildo Alves Fiuza Junior, Jardel Pereira Gonçalves, Erich David Rodriguez, Ana Paula Kirchheim
405 Comparison of silicate structures of various industrial wastes evaluated by hydration reactivity and pozzolanic activity
Koshiro Koizumi, Masaki Sato, Yasuhiro Umemura
82 Comparison of various cement pastes with SCM at different ages: phase assemblage evolutions.
Mickael Saillio, Véronique Baroghel-Bouny, Matthieu Bertin, Sylvain Pradelle, Julien Vincent, Jean-Baptiste D'Espinose de Lacaillerie
174 Comparison of water curing and accelerated carbonation curing on mortar mix incorporating ground granulated blast furnace slag
Shweta Goyal, Devender Sharma, Abhinav Aggarwal
612 Compatible superplasticizers for low clinker cementitious materials
Federica Boscaro, Marta Palacios, Peter Kruspan, Lukas Frunz, Robert J. Flatt
554 Competition between hydration and drying in polymer-modified mortars
Lucy Travailleur, Emmanuel Keita, Sandrine Marceau, Marielle Gueguen-Minerbe, Teddy Fen-Chong, Thierry Chaussadent
36 Complex additive the calcined mixture of clay and limestone for blended Portland Cement
Elizaveta Ermilova, Ravil Rakhimov, Zagira Kamalova, Pavel Bulanov
316 Compressive strength and shrinkage characteristics of mortar using ground granulated blast furnace slag finely powdered in the single micron region
Satoshi Fujiwara, Nobukazu NITO, Takayuki EBINA, Ken KUBOTA, Hiromi FUJIWARA
443 Control Flow Concrete
Elizabeth Burns, Klaus-Alexander Rieder, Joshua Curto, Nathan Tregger
109 Correlation between compressive strength in blended cement mortars and pozzolanic activity assessment on lime-pozzolan pastes
Jorge Tobón, Juan Uchima, Oscar Restrepo-Baena
264 Correlation between void microstructure characteristics identified by low-order probability functions and mechanical properties of cement paste
Tong-Seok Han, Sang-Yeop Chung, Ji-Su Kim, Dietmar Stephan
268 Corrosion protection performance of magnesium phosphate cement based materials
Hao Tang, Jueshi Qian, Yanfei Yue
187 Creation and applications of a cement quality predictive system (TQPS).
Daisuke Kurokawa, Maiko Ohno, Ryoichi Suematsu, Hiroshi Hirao
577 Critical assessment of geopolymer concrete durability for wastewater infrastructure affected by microbial induced acid corrosion.
Cyrill Grengg, Florian Mittermayr, Neven Ukrainczyk, Eddie Koenders, Günther Koraimann, Sabine Kienesberger, Martin Dietzel
627 C3S and C2S nanoparticles synthesized by flame spray pyrolysis (FSP)
Natalia Betancur-Granados, Jorge Iván Tobón, Oscar Jaime Restrepo-Baena
832 Changes in OPC mortars after physical and chemical decay processes
Ines Garcia-Lodeiro, Rafael Zarzuela, Maria Jesus Mosquera, Maria Teresa Blanco-Varela
47 Changes in pore solution composition in mortar due to carbonation
Gilles Plusquellec, Andrés Belda Revert, Mette Rica Geiker, Barbara Lothenbach, Klaartje De Weerdt
787 Characterisation of microstructure development and hydration rate of Cement systems during the early hydration stage
YanLi Wen, XiaJie Liu, Peng Lin, Dirk Engelberg
140 Characterization and behaviour of eco-efficient cement matrices produced with kaolinite-based wastes as a future alternative pozzolan
Moisés Frías, Raquel Vigil de la Villa, Rosario García, Sagrario Martínez, Lucía Fernández, Iñigo Vegas, Laura Caneda, Eloy Asensio, Mª Isabel Sánchez de Rojas
164 Characterization and mechanical properties of non-cement binder based on Czech coal combustion by-products
František Škvára, Rostislav Šulc, Roman Snop, Martina Šídlová, Adéla Polonská
562 Characterization of Alkali-Silica Reaction Products by means of Raman Spectroscopy before and after Application of Accelerated Tests
Sebastian Simon, Sandra Sigmund, Martin A. Ziemann, Julia von Werder, Birgit Meng
673 Characterization of calcium sulfoaluminate cement components and hydration reactions by 19F, 27Al and 29Si MAS NMR spectroscopy
Jørgen Skibsted, Malene Thostrup Pedersen
213 Characterization of early age hydration kinetics of novel low calcium hydraulic binders: quenching rate effect
Rodrigo Santos, Maria Inês Cunha, Ricardo Bayão Horta, João Pereira, Patrizia Paradiso, Teresa Nunes, Rogério Colaço
799 Characterization of the effect of fuel types on phases of calcium aluminate cements&investigation of properties of calcium aluminate cement
Metehan Severoğlu, Tuğhan Delibaş
782 Characterization of 3D pore structure in cement paste using X-ray computed tomography combined with metal alloy enhancing
Rusheng Qian, Yunsheng Zhang, Bo Pang, Guojian Liu, Cheng Liua
361 Chemical-crystallographic characterization of cement clinkers by application of coupled EDX-EBSD in the SEM a new way to control clinker manufacture
Christiane Rößler, Bernd Möser, Horst-Michael Ludwig
315 Chloride binding in blended binder systems: Importance of the structures of CSH gel
Arezou Babaahmadi, Klaartje De Weerdt, Wolfgang Kunther, Alisa Machner, João Figueira, Julia Stroh
118 Chloride permeability and mechanical properties of cement-based materials containing limestone under chloride attack
Jian Ma, Zhuqing Yu, Hu Shi, Xiaodong Shen
48 Chloride-scavenging topical coatings as a route to mitigate steel corrosion in concrete infrastructure
Gabriel Falzone, Magdalena Balonis, Dale Bentz, Scott Jones, Gaurav Sant
626 Chloride Transport and Chloride Binding in Alkali-Activated Cement Paste, Mortar, and Concrete
Jorge Osio-Norgaard, Juan Pablo Gevaudan, Wil Srubar
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ID Title
330 Degradation mechanism of calcined clay-Limestone cementitious composites under sulfate attack
Cheng Yu, Peng Yuan, Xin Yu, Jiaping Liu
225 Dependence of blended G-oil well cement phase compositions and properties on the time of hydrothermal curing
Eva Kuzielová, Matúš Žemlička, Jiří Másilko, Martin Palou
131 Determination of k-value of recycled brick powder and aspects of durability of relevant concrete
Michal Bačuvčík, Pavel Martauz, Ivan Janotka
192 Determination of the structure-property correlation in calcium (alumino)silicate hydrate using synchrotron-radiation-based x-ray diffraction
Guoqing Geng, Rainer Daehn, Erich Wieland, Paulo J. Monteiro
755 Determination of transport and kinetic parameters in cementitious materials – Inverse methods in corrosion of rebars in concrete
Robert Filipek, Artur Łagosz, Jan Deja, Krzysztof Szyszkiewicz-Warzecha, Jakub Stec
203 Determine amorphous siliceous fly ash in hydrating blended cement using PONKCS method
386 Determining viability of industrial byproducts in alkali activated systems
Hugo Uvegi, Brian Traynor, Piyush Chaunsali, Elsa Olivetti
416 Development and commercialization of cementitious additive that controls salt damage deterioration of concrete structures
Mori Taiichiro, Tabara Kazuto, Higuchi Takayuki, Morioka Minoru
179 Development of a new drying shrinkage reducing agent of concrete by spraying on surface of concrete
Lingling Liu, Hiromi Fujiwara, Masanori Maruoka
211 Development of a novel process for the production of calcium sulfoaluminate
Ammar Elhoweris, Yousef Alhorr, José Luis Gálvez Martos, Marcus Campbell Bannerman
746 Development of hydration and microstructure of cement paste blended with carbonated waste hardened cement powder
bao lu, caijun shi, jiyun wang
733 Development of metakaolinite-based geopolymer , as an environmentally friendly alternative for indoor and outdoor construction material
Alejandro Manzano-Ramírez, Jose Ramón-Gasca, Hector R. Guzman-Carrillo, Jose Luis Reyez-Araiza
438 Development of phosphate modified CAC cementitious systems with reduced water content for the immobilization of radioactive wastes
Ines Garcia-Lodeiro, Keita Irisawa, Yoshihiro Meguro, Hajime Kinoshita
31 Development of pore structure and permeability during the hydration of irregular shaped cement particles based on simulation method
Zhiyong Liu, Weiwei Chen, Yuncheng Wang, Sen Gao, Yunsheng Zhang
550 Development of shotcrete with increased durability against thaumasite sulphate attack: Experiences from a tunnel site and laboratory tests
Andre Baldermann, Florian Mittermayr, Maria Thumann, Wolfgang Kusterle
636 Development of the new Brazilian standard mixing procedure for mortar preparation in laboratory
Fábio Alonso Cardoso, Marylinda S. de França, Fábio L. Campora, Rafael G. Pileggi
704 Differences between alkali-activated electric furnace and blast furnace ferronickel slags in reaction and engineering properties
Dengquan Wang, Shiyu Zhuang, Zengqi Zhang, Qiang Wang
529 Differences in reaction degrees of calcium silicates in ternary CSA based systems depending on the formed hydrate phases
Julian Wolf, Daniel Jansen, Friedlinde Goetz-Neunhoeffer, Juergen Neubauer
785 Diffusion of dissolved gases in saturated cementitious materials: Does the size matter?
Quoc Tri Phung, Norbert Maes, Elke Jacops
444 Dissolution mechanism and activation energies of alite and lime from molecular dynamics simulations
Hegoi Manzano
371 Dolomite and limestone micro filler: early-age properties and soundness on blended cement
Edgardo Fabian Irassar, Antonela Di Salvo, Guillermina Marchetti, Viviana Rahhal, Mónica Trezza
318 Dolomite powder as SCM - Impact on salt frost scaling resistance
Matthias Mueller, Horst-Michael Ludwig
253 Durability of blended cements containing illitic calcined clays
Edgardo Fabian Irassar, Gisela Cordoba, Silvina Zito, Agustin Rossetti, Viviana F. Rahhal, Falcone Dario
281 Durability of BYF binders: link between hydrates assemblage, microstructure and performance
Jan Skocek, Maciej Zajac, Frank Bullerjahn, Mohsen Ben Haha
147 Durability of concrete containing cements based on belite ye’elimite ferrite (BYF) clinkers with low ye’elimite content
Nikola Mikanovic, Jan Skocek, Mohsen Ben Haha
616 Durability of supersulfated cement with improved early strength
Martin Cyr, Ludovic André, Mailys Ruau, Nicolas Musikas, Laurent Frouin
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ID Title
613 Early-age and drying shrinkage of alkali-activated slag/fly ash concretes, mortars and pastes
Alexandre Rodrigue, Josée Duchesne, Benoit Fournier, Benoit Bissonnette
57 Early hydration behavior of blended cementitious systems containing calcined clays and superplasticizer
Ricarda Sposito, Marlene Schmid, Nancy Beuntner, Sebastian Scherb, Johann Plank, Karl-Christian Thienel
344 Early hydration of reactive sulfur doped C2S-rich cement
Martin Boháč, Dana Kubátová, Anežka Zezulová, Alexandra Rybová, Theodor Staněk
303 Early reaction on waterglass-alkali-activated slag cements. Influence on the rheological behavior
Marta Palacios, Sara Gismera, María del Mar Alonso, Paula Carmona-Quiroga, Mª Teresa Blanco-Varela, Barbara Lothenbach, Jean-Baptiste d'Espinose de Lacaillerie, Aurelie Favier, Coralie Brumaud, Francisca Puertas
58 Eco friendly alkali activated inorganic polymers composites for thermal insulations
Ioana Vlasceanu, Cristina Dima, Alina Badanoiu, Stefania Stoleriu
615 Effect of air entrainer and aggregates on the apparent diffusion coefficient of concrete
Anika Tabassum Sarkar, Samantha Whatley, Johnny Ye, Jason H. Ideker
526 Effect of alkali activator modulus on fracture properties of alkali-activated slag/fly ash pastes
Shizhe Zhang, Zhenming Li, Bahman Ghiassi, Suhong Yin, Guang Ye
233 Effect of aluminium on C-S-H structure, stability and solubility
Sonya Barzgar, Barbara Lothenbach, Mohamed Tarik, Alessio DiGiacomo, Christian Ludwig
493 Effect of BaCO3 on cement hydration
Paula Carmona-Quiroga, Maria Teresa Blanco-Varela
196 Effect of calcined clay reservoir sediments on the behaviour of sustainable calcium sulfoaluminate-blended cements
Antonio Telesca, Milena Marroccoli
668 Effect of calcium bentonite on on the efflorescence of waste based alkali-activated slag mortar
JInbang Wang, Zonghui Zhou, Peng Du, Xin Cheng, Ning Xie
124 Effect of calcium on synthesis of alkali-silica reaction products
Zhenguo Shi, Barbara Lothenbach
610 Effect of carbonation on calcium silicate hydrate in cement paste with different water cement ratio
Masaki Sato, Koshiro Koizumi, Yasuhiro Umemura
319 Effect of cement kiln bypass dust on properties and hydration of Akali-Activated slag mixtures
Vlastimil Bílek, Lukáš Kalina, Radoslav Novotný, Jiří Másilko, František Šoukal
454 Effect of curing on the performance of alkali-activated slag concrete
Hilal El-Hassan, Abdelrahman Alsallamin
499 Effect of curing temperature in the hydration of a belite cement with high level of fly ash
Qu Bo, M. Jose Sanchez-Herrero, Antonia Martin, J. Ygnacio Pastor, Angel Palomo, ana Fernandez-Jimenez
384 Effect of curing time on binder development and steel corrosion in alkali activated slag mortars.
Maria Criado, John L. Provis
831 Effect of ettringite crystallization on expansion of super sulfated cement and Portland slag cement
Huaqiang Sun, Jueshi Qian, Yalun Yang, Yanfei Yue
790 Effect of floating beads on mechanical properties and hydration process of alkali activated fly ash cementitious materials under microwave curing
Xuechen Li, Hui Li, Yun Bai, Pei Qiao, Kang Yang
149 Effect of glass composition on the reactivity of siliceous and calcareous fly ashes
Pawel Durdzinski, Karen Scrivener, Mohsen Ben Haha
758 Effect of high volume mineral addition on cement hydration product Ca(OH)2
Surong Luo, Wenda Wu
490 Effect of chemical and mineralogical parameters of cement on concrete workability
Bibekananda Mohapatra, Pravesh Sharma, Shrikant Varpe
128 Effect of chloride salts on cement hydration: influence of the cation
Paolo Forni
759 Effect of mineral admixture on hydration and heat release of cement
Wenda Wu, Jing Chen, Surong Luo
191 Effect of NaCl on stability of C-A-S-H phases
Linda Irbe, Robin Edward Beddoe, Harald Hilbig, Detlef Heinz
208 Effect of nanopowders on strength evolution of high volume fly ash concretes
Chamila Gunasekara, David Law, Sujeeva Setunge
348 Effect of novel starch-based material on heat evolution for cement hydration
Yu Yan, Alexandre Ouzia, Cheng Yu, Karen Scrivener, Jiaping Liu
59 Effect of plasticizing admixtures on the behavior and properties of alkali activated materials
Lukáš Kalina, Vlastimil Bílek, Radoslav Novotný, František Šoukal
229 Effect of pore size distribution on performances and durability of blended cements
Matteo Magistri, Luca Valentini
650 Effect of reactive material addition on early hydration of Portland cement suspensions
Marcel Hark Maciel, Roberto César de Oliveira Romano, Maria Alba Cincotto, Rafael Giuliano Pileggi
160 Effect of the addition of dolomite on the stability of the hydrate phase assemblage in Portland composite cement pastes
Alisa Machner, Maciej Zajac, Mohsen Ben Haha, Knut O. Kjellsen, Mette R. Geiker, Klaartje De Weerdt
104 Effect of the chemical activation of slag on the working mechanism of polycarboxylate ether polymer
Théau Conte, Johann Plank, Florian Hartmann
767 Effect of the Particle Surface Distribution on the Reactivity of Supplementary Cementitious Materials in Blended Cements
Myroslav Sanytsky, Tetiana Кropyvnytska, Oleksander Horpynko, Iryna Geviuk
111 Effect of ultra-fine ash spheres on rheological properties of fly ash-slag geopolymer pastes
Tao Yang, Zuhua Zhang, Xuan Gao, Huajun Zhu
481 Effect of various synthesis parameters on the properties of metakaolin-based geopolymer
Aly Said, Omar Saleh, Achraf Ayad
74 Effects of admixtures on early-age shrinkage under high temperature conditions
Keisuke Takahashi, Shingo Asamoto, Thomas Bier, Harsha Sooriyaarachchi, Suguru Goto
573 Effects of Ca/Si ratio and Al on the carbonation resistance of C-S-H gels
Jing Li, Qijun Yu, Haoliang Huang, Suhong Yin
720 Effects of limestone powder on the properties of C40 concrete
Dehui Wang, Caijun Shi, Huangfei Jia
791 Effects of ultrafine fly ash and Metakaolin on mechanical properties of high strength concrete at high temperature
Jianwei Zhou, Hui Li, Wukui Zheng, Yuxuan Yang, Zumin Liu, Shaowu Jiu
684 Efflorescence in calcined kaolin sludge based geopolymers
Márlon Longhi, Ana Paula Kirchheim, Erich Rodríguez
381 Electrochemical characterisation of cement hydration and properties by alternating current impedance spectroscopy
Aldo Sosa Gallardo, John Provis
522 Empirical and numerical modeling of carbonation for concrete containing SCMs
Vineet Shah, Shashank Bishnoi
170 Energy-efficient technology of simultaneous production of two types of cement
Aleksandr Riazanov, Nailya Rakhimova, Varvara Vinnichenko, Ravil Rakhimov, Igor Nedoseko
354 Engineered properties of non-cement blended fiber composites
Wei-Ting Lin, An Cheng, Sao-Jeng Chao, Hui-Mi Hsu, Kinga Korniejenko
152 Evolution of pore solution versus solubility limits during the early hydration of calcium sulfo-aluminate type cements
Mohsen Ben Haha, Maciej Zajac, Jan Skocek, Frank Bullerjahn, Barbara Lothenbach
138 Expansion behavior of heat-cured cement pastes with anhydrite
Ying Ma
148 Experimental determination of carbonation related durability indicators : gas diffusivity and CO2 binding capacity
Mouna Boumaaza, Bruno Huet, Cassandre Le galliard, Philippe Turcry, Abdelkarim Aït-mokhtar, Christoph Gehlen
269 Experimental investigation of cement hydration in gravity-free environment
Juliana Moraes Neves, Aleksandra Radlinska, Richard Grugel, Barry SCheetz
177 Experimental study and modelling C-S-H morphology effect on cement hydration in fly ash blended-cement paste
Tiao Wang, Tetsuya Ishida, Rui Gu
728 Experimental study on the hydration heat and compressive strength of ocean cement
Junfeng Wang, Dan Chen, Xulei Wei, Nannan Zhang, Liulei Lu, Shan Hu
300 External sulfate attack on hardened OPC-GGBS binders: from chemical composition and sample geometry towards numerical modeling of construction component behavior
Matthias Wagner, Marco Decker, Christoph Zausinger, Robin Edward Beddoe, Detlef Heinz
698 Extraction of silica from serpentine and the use of waste acid to produce magnesium chloride cement
Nan Yang, Allan Scott, Matthew Watson, Vineet Shah, Christopher Oze
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586 Feasibility of replacing fly ash with MSWI bottom ash as supplementary cementitious material in cement paste
Boyu Chen, Marc Brito van Zijl, Arno Keulen, Guang Ye
514 Features of multiple interface structures in recycled aggregate concrete (RAC)
Yubin Cao, Qiuyi Li, Zuhua Zhang, Hao Wang
123 Fe in GGBFS: New insights from laboratory experiments and synchrotron-based investigations
Andrea Mancini, Erich Wieland, Barbara Lothenbach, Rainer Dähn, Bernhard Wehrli
228 FEM-based simulation of autogenous shrinkage of cementitious materials
Zhangli Hu, Mateusz Wyrzykowski, Adrien Hilaire, Karen Scrivener, Pietro Lura
293 Fluorescence microscopic approach for superplasticizer science
Johannes Arend, Alexander Wetzel, Bernhard Middendorf
492 Formation and chemical stabilisation of tricalcium-silicate during solidification from the melt of post-treated metallurgical slags
Katharina Schraut, Burkart Adamczyk, Sebastian Simon, Julia von Werder, Birgit Meng, Dietmar Aloys Stephan, Florian Kargl, Christian Adam
63 Formation of metal ion complexes in cementitious porewater and leachates
Colin Walker, Sohtaro Anraku, Chie Oda, Morihiro Mihara, Akira Honda
279 From laboratory to industrial trial: high performance composite cements with low environmental footprint
Maciej Zajac, Gerd Bolte, Mohsen Ben Haha, Jan Skocek
566 FT-IR analysis of pure C3S hydration in diluted solutions and effect of graphene oxide on the hydrated products
Paolo Gronchi, Marco Goisis, Stefania Bianchi
85 Full field autogenous shrinkage of cement-based materials based on digital volume correlation method
Keshu Wan, Ziqiang Xu, Qing Jiang
62 Functional cement based materials by biomineralization
Chunxiang Qian
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652 Gamma irradiation of geopolymers at early age
Daniel Geddes, Susan Bernal, Martin Hayes, John Provis
750 Geometries of the scratch grooves on cement-based materials and their effect on microfracture characterization
Jiahan Liu, Shilang Xu, Qiang Zeng, Yu Peng
51 Green high-performance concrete from pozzolanic cement
David Otieno Koteng
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ID Title
115 High Performance Concrete with Calcined Clay and Limestone as Cement Substitute
Hongjian Du, Sze Dai Pang, Anjaneya Dixit
838 Hybrid cements: A wide range of compositional alternatives
Ines Garcia-Lodeiro, Cristian Imbarack, M. Jose Sanchez-Herrero, Olga Maltseva, Ana Fernandez-Jimenez, Angel Palomo
145 Hydrated phases in the pozzolan / lime system of cement matrices made from ash from thermal activation of coal waste
Isabel Sánchez Vigil de la Villa, Rosario García-Giménez, Marina Casas Angulo, Raquel Vigil de Villa, Mario Ramirez-Fernández, Virginia Rubio Fernández, Moisés Frías, Sagrario Marínez-Ramirez, Lucía Fernández-Contreras, Iñigo Vegas
64 Hydration and degradation of High content Fly ash Silica fume Cement (HFSC)
Sohtaro Anraku, Colin Walker, Chie Oda, Morihiro Mihara, Akira Honda
65 Hydration and hardening behaviors of new type mineral of calcium barium phosphoaluminate
Shoude Wang, Hao Liu, Shusen Li, Lingchao Lu, Xin Cheng
165 Hydration and rheology of sulfoaluminate cements (SAC) in presence of polycarboxylate superplasticizers (PCE) and citric acid
Belhadi Rachid, Grosseau Philippe, Govin Alexandre
223 Hydration behavior of blended cements containing sulfoaluminate clinker
Daniela Gastaldi, Federica Bertola, Fulvio Canonico
732 Hydration kinetics and reaction products of ultra-high performance concrete
S.H. Kim, N.K. Lee, S.M. Park
43 Hydration mechanisms and microstructure development of Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC)
Linmei Wu, Zuhua Zhang, Hao Wang
565 Hydration processes of accelerated cementitious systems governing early strength development
Lukas Briendl, Isabel Galan, Florian Steindl, Rudolf Röck, Maria Thumann, Joachim Juhart, Andre Baldermann, Florian Mittermayr, Wolfgang Kusterle
421 Hydration products in moderate-heat Portland cement - expansive additive - CaO•2Al2O3 system and utilization of carbonation reaction
Mori Taiichiro, Numanami Yuta, Higuchi Takayuki, Sakai Etsuo
314 Hydraulic binder based on granulated blast-furnace slag and silica fume
Lubomir Jezo, Jozef Mikusinec, Martin Palou
77 Hydraulic reactivity of calcium silicates synthesized by combustion in solution - SCS
Juan Restrepo, Natalia Betancur-Granados, Jorge I. Tobón, Oscar J. Restrepo-Baena
578 Hydrothermal Treatment of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete: Mechanical Properties and Phase Composition
Julia von Werder, Sebastian Simon, Birgit Meng
[ top ]
ID Title
294 Identification of carbonation effect on cement paste microstructure using micro-CT image analysis
Ji-Su Kim, Tong-Seok Han
589 Immobilization of selenate ion using calcium aluminate hydrates and influence of gypsum on the reaction
Junichi Ohya, Hiroyuki Sango, Masaya Hirano
364 Impact of SCMs additions on the hydration mechanism of CSA cement
Maurizio Iler Marchi, Stefano Allevi
587 Impact of shrinkage reducing admixture on first drying shrinkage isotherms
Hafsa Rahoui, Ippei Maruyama, Matthieu Vandamme, Jean-Michel Pereira, Martin Mosquet
654 Impact of soluble alumina on the hydration of alkali-activated ground granulated blast furnace slag
Artur Kiiashko, Mohend Chaouche, Valérie Montouillout, Laurent Frouin
216 Impact of storage conditions on expansion due to ASR
Lionel Sofia, Théodore Chappex, Karen Scrivener
337 Importance of the “pH of concrete” in various aspects of concrete durability and performance
Kazuo Yamada, Yuichiro Kawabata, Go Igarashi, Yasutaka Sagawa
429 Improved performance in low clinker content cements containing construction and demolition waste as a pozzolanic material
M. Isabel Sánchez de Rojas, Eloy Asensio, Moisés Frías, Ignacio Cuevas, Cesar Medina
282 Improvement of strength development of fly ash cement concrete by modifying mineral composition of clinker
Shingo Miyazawa, Etsuo Sakai, Nobukazu Nito, Hiroshi Hirao
543 Improving the reactivity and quality of clinker through enhanced combustion kinetics in kiln main burner
K. Subbulakshmanan, Atul Kumar Chaturvedi, Ramsinh Chauhan, Reshu Chauhan, Rishi Kumar Joshi, Sukuru Ramarao, Bibekananda Mohapatra
288 Influence of BaSO4 on properties of Portland clinker
Anežka Zezulová, Alexandra Rybová, Theodor Staněk
539 Influence of CAH10 crystallinity on conversion rate of CAH10 to C3AH6
Wenjing Gu, Yang Zhang, Guotian Ye
800 Influence of conditioning, pressing and nanoindentation test parameters on micromechanical properties of calcium (alumino) silicate hydrates
Rotana Hay, Jiaqi Li, Kemal Celik
119 Influence of coral sand powder on the expansion performance of cement paste under various curing conditions
Hu Shi, Zhuqing Yu, Jian Ma, Xiaodong Shen
569 Influence of curing temperature on performance of low clinker blended cements
Arun C. Emmanuel, Lav Singh, Shashank Bishnoi
185 Influence of curing temperature on the hydration of blast furnace slag in high volume slag cement
Nobukazu Nito, Kan Shinobe, Yukiko Ueda, Yutaka Aikawa, Etsuo Sakai
297 Influence of fluoride ions on fluidity of cement paste and adsorption of superplasticizer
Kazuki Matsuzawa, Masahiro Miyauchi, Etsuo Sakai
351 Influence of lithium on the formation and properties of Portland cement clinker
Theodor Staněk, Alexandra Rybová, Anežka Zezulová, Martin Boháč
53 Influence of maximum temperature of concrete and R2O and/or SO3 content on DEF expansion of concrete
Shunsuke Hanehara, Yuto Tanakadate, Tetsuya Oyamada, Shintaro Miyamoto
598 Influence of mixing on the concentration of nanoparticles in cement suspending fluid
Hela Bessaies-Bey, Aileen Vandenberg, Nicolas Roussel
459 Influence of polymer on drying of fresh cementitious materials
Emmanuel Keita, Yasser Rifaai, Patrick Belin, Nicolas Roussel
212 Influence of Portland cement on the activity index of siliceous fly ash
Tomasz Baran, Mikolaj Ostrowski, Pawel Pichniarczyk, Piotr Francuz
151 Influence of pressure to fresh concrete on air content and air void system in concrete
Yuto Tanakadate, Shunsuke Hanehara, Tetsuya Oyamada
582 Influence of reactive MgO on carbonation behavior of γ-C2S
Yuandong Mu, Zhichao Liu, Fazhou Wang, Yongjia He, Yunhua Zhang
Katarzyna Laskawiec, Piotr Gebarowski
489 Influence of rheology modifying admixtures on early hydration of cementitious suspensions
Claudia Crasselt, Wolfram Schmidt, Heinz Sturm
559 Influence of sodium sulphate and sodium hydroxide on the hydration of ordinary Portland cement
Abhishek Singh, Gopala Rao Dhoopadahalli, Sreejith Krishnan, Shashank Bishnoi
456 Influence of temperature, pore solution pH, and aggregate reactivity on ASR expansion in a submerged setting
Tiffany Szeles, Farshad Rajabipour, Shelley Stoffels
156 Influences of temperature on interactions between superplasticizers and cements with fly ash or calcined clay
Jens Herrmann, Jörg Rickert
169 Innovative technology constituted of sulfoaluminate cement-based concrete and non-corrosive reinforcement to produce durable and sustainable reinforced concretes
Federica Bertola, Fulvio Canonico, Sara Irico
558 Insights gained into the microstructural development of LC3 using hydration modelling
Sreejith Krishnan, Shashank Bishnoi
236 In-situ growth of carbon nanostructure on clinker
Xiaodong Li, Qianqian Wang, Xiaodong Shen, Andreas Lüttge, Xiaoyin Cao
258 In Situ Characterization of Bubbles in Fresh Cement Paste
Yang Li, Ling Wang, Zhendi Wang
475 In-situ interactions at the granite-concrete interface of the National Radioactive Waste Repository, Hungary: core samples and numerical models
Zsuzsanna Szabó-Krausz, György Falus, Csilla Király, Patrik Török, Zoltán Kovács, Csaba Szabó
528 Integrated capture and utilization of cement kiln CO2 to produce more sustainable concrete
Sean Monkman, John Kline, Kevin Cail
795 Interstitial Transition Zone steel bar – cement matrix in old reinforced concrete
Wieslaw Kurdowski
260 Into the adhesion and re-adhesion (healing) to formation of novel Polymer-Cement Composites for geothermal applications
Carlos Fernandez, Quin Miller, Kenton Rod, Gao Dai, Nicolas Huerta
523 Introduction of a multi-scale chemo-physical simulation model of ASR
Xiujiao Qiu, Jiayi Chen, Erik Schlangen, Guang Ye, Geert De Schutter
664 Investigation for durability of mortar using Dry Sludge Powder
Megumi Araki, Ken Ohkawa, Takeshi Iyoda
450 Investigation of the calcium silicate hydrate potential energy surface
Xabier M. Aretxabaleta, Hegoi Manzano, Iñigo Etxebarria
442 Investigation of the hydration process of a wollastonite-based brushite cement
Céline Cau Dit Coumes, Priscillia Laniesse, Adel Mesbah, Gwenn Le Saout, Philippe Gaveau, Gilles Silly
230 Investigation on the mechanism of hydration and hardening of magnesium phosphate cement under harsh conditions
Xingwen Jia
394 Iron-rich belite calcium sulfoaluminate clinkers made with non-conventional method
Suresh Krishnamoorthy, Manish Kuchya, Arunachala Sadangi, Jean Bosco Kazirukanyo
[ top ]
ID Title
130 Laser pulsed atom probe tomography (APT) – A novel nanoscale investigation technique applied to characterize tricalcium silicate surfaces
Christoph Naber, Thomas Sowoidnich, Frank Bellmann, Karen Anne DeRocher, Derk Joester, Jürgen Neubauer
413 Leaching of metakaolin-based geopolymers in pure water and acetic acid
Neven Ukrainczyk, Oliver Vogt, Eddie Koenders
801 Leaching resistance of alkali-activated binder contaminated with cesium
Gordana Tanasijevic, Tijana Ivanovic, John L. Provis, Miroslav Komljenovic
176 Limestone aggregates in alkali activated waste glass cement; interaction and properties
Luis Edgar Menchaca Ballinas, Jose Iván Escalante García
409 Low CO2 binder solution resisting extreme sulfate attack in real conditions of the new European railway tunnel at Mont Cenis
Peter Kruspan, Sandrine Baillard, Loïc Divet, Mickaël Saillio, Jacques Burdin, Elsa Hugot
590 Low temperature performance of PC/CSA blended cement
Ge Zhang, Yingzi Yang
[ top ]
ID Title
207 Magnesium (alumino) silicate hydrate formation in low-pH cement paste
Ellina Bernard, Barbara Lothenbach, Frank Winnefeld
202 Material and structural protection of cement concrete against alkaline corrosion
Mikolaj Ostrowski, Albin Garbacik, Klaudia Hernik, Piotr Francuz
542 Mathematical modeling of accelerated carbonation curing of cement paste at early age
Xiaojian Gao, Tiefeng Chen, Ling Qin
766 Measuring the packing fraction of cementitious powders
Wenqiang Zuo, Hela Bessaies-Bey, Nicolas Roussel, Changwen Miao
600 Measuring the particle size distribution of blended cement
Oumayma Ahmadah, Hela Bessaies-bey, Ammar Yahya, Nicolas Roussel
97 Mechanically activated kaolin as supplementary cementitious material
Biljana Ilic, Aleksandra Mitrović, Ljiljana Miličić
548 Mechanical properties and microstructure of 3D printing concrete
Xiqiang Lin, Tao Zhang, Liang Huo, Guoyou li, Nan Zhang, Wenzhan Ji
691 Mechanical strength and durability of mortar containing biomass fly ash as partial replacement of cement
Zengfeng Zhao, Luc Courard, Sébastien Rémond, Denis Damidot
52 Mechanism of deterioration of concrete by salt scaling
Shunsuke Hanehara, Yuto Tanakadate, Tetsuya Oyamada
761 Mechanism of hydration of non-OPC binder as a third-generation cementitious binder
Se-Hoon Jeon, WoongGeol Lee, Myongshin Song
72 Mechanistic study of early strength enhancers
Denise A. Silva, Richard Sibbick
498 Mechanochemical activation of fly ashes a way to make concretes with high levels of substitution: hybrid concretes
Cabrera Oscar, David Viejo-Mariño, Angel Palomo, Ana Fernandez-Jimenez, Olga Maltseva
190 Methods to determine the reaction degree of metakaolin in cementitious blends
François Avet, Xuerun Li, Karen Scrivener
581 Micromechanical modelling of the influence of interfacial transition zone on moisture transport in concrete
Meenakshi Sharma, Shashank Bishnoi
621 Microproportioning paste with crushed aggregate filler by use of specific surface area
Elisabeth Leite Skare, Rolands Cepuritis, Jon Spangenberg, Evgeny Ramenskiy, Ernst Mørtsell, Sverre Smeplass, Stefan Jacobsen
504 Microstructural modifications of the expansive hydrates formed under different curing and restraining conditions in expansive concretes
José Luis García Calvo, Pedro Carballosa, Filipe Pedrosa, David Revuelta
247 Microstructure features of an innovative ultra-high performance glass concrete (UHPGC)
William Wilson, Nancy Ahmed Soliman, Luca Sorelli, Arezki Tagnit-Hamou
310 Microstructure formation in densely packed cements with high limestone content
Polina Secheyko, Robin Edward Beddoe, Liudvikas Urbonas, Detlef Heinz
398 Microstructure of Clinker prepared using different ratio of OBM cutting as raw material
Hilal Al Dhamri, Sabah Abdul-Wahab, Ganesh Ram, Abdulaziz Al-Moqbali, Leon Black
Lav Singh, Nishant Kumar, Ujjwal Kant, Prakash Kumar, Shashank Bishnoi
579 Modified oxygen steelmaking slag to produce cements – Performance and durability of cements and concretes
Fabiano Ferreira Chotoli, Valdecir Angelo Quarcioni, João Batista Ferreira Neto, Rafael Francisco Cardoso dos Santos, Priscila Rodrigues Melo Leal, Fernando C. R. Almeida, Seiiti Suzuki
773 Molecular engineering of superplasticizers for metakaolin-portland cement blends with hierarchical machine learning
Newell Washburn, Barnabas Poczos, Kimberly Kurtis
515 Molecular modelling of creep behaviour of calcium aluminosilicate hydrate (C-A-S-H).
Albina Kostiuchenko, Jorge S. Dolado, Guang Ye
446 Molecular scale simulations of C-S-H/organic hybrid composites
Hegoi Manzano, Eduardo Duque-Redondo, Carlos Orozco, Yang Zhou, Paolo Monteiro
161 Multiscale (force field and semiempirical) modelling of structure and properties of C-A-S-H
Alexei I. Abrikosov, Goran Kovačević, Valera Veryazov
27 Mysterious drying-induced micro-cracking: the isolated evolutions of pores and micro-cracks
Chunsheng Zhou, Fangzhou Ren, Wei Wang, Zhu Ding
[ top ]
ID Title
153 Nanostructural development of biphasic C-(N)-A-S-H/N-A-S-H gels in synthetic alkali-activated materials revealed by multinuclear MQMAS solid state NMR
Brant Walkley, Samuel J. Page, Gregory J. Rees, John V. Hanna, John L. Provis
136 Nanotechnological features of production of silicate composites of non-autoclaved hardening with using experimental-statistical modeling
Yevgen Lutskin, Olena Shynkevych, Oleg Popov, Azzam Salim
588 Nanotechnology in cement-based material: opportunities and challenges
Marco Goisis
332 Natural radioactivity of Portland cement mortars made with granite sand
Miguel Angel Sanjuan, Cristina Argiz, Maria del Mar Alonso, Jose Antonio Suarez, Catalina Gascó, Francisca Puertas
497 New Alkaline-Belitic hybrid binders
Angel Palomo, Ana Fernandez-Jimenez, M. Jose Sanchez-Herrero
301 New cement types with low clinker content and their application in concrete
Volkert Feldrappe, Andreas Ehrenberg
135 New insights into reaction mechanisms in magnesium phosphate cements
Alberto Viani, Petra Mácová, Konstantinos Sotiriadis
512 New multifunctional composite inorganic/organic additive for sustainable cement compositions
Giorgio Ferrari, Gilberto Artioli, Alberto Brocchi, Anna Bravo, Maria Chiara Dalconi, Luca Valentini, Emanuele Moretti, Davide Salvioni, Morgana Monti
806 New technique for assessing fracture properties of cement hydrates using microbending tests and multiscale modelling
Jiří Němeček, Vít Šmilauer, Jiří Němeček, Filip Kolařík, Jan Maňák
449 Novel composite mineralizers/fluxes for the production of A/CSA clinkers
Tristana Duvallet, Yongmin Zhou, Anne Oberlink, Robert Jewell, Thomas Robl
100 Novel zwitterionic PCE superplasticizers for calcined clays and their application in calcined clay blended cements
Marlene Schmid, Ricarda Sposito, Karl-Christian Thienel, Johann Plank
604 Numerical modelling of sulfuric acid attack on OPC and CAC materials
Amr Aboulela, Matthieu Peyre-Lavigne, Bruno Huet, Cédric Patapy, Samuel Meulenyzer, Alexandra Bertron
278 Numerical modelling of the alkali penetration into cementitious materials using the coupled thermodynamic phase equilibrium-mass transfer system
Yoshifumi Hosokawa, Kazuo Yamada, Kazuko Haga, Shoichi Ogawa
[ top ]
ID Title
701 Old textbooks are outdated about cement hydration mechanisms – The needle model, the main hydration peak and the later ages
Alexandre Ouzia, Karen Scrivener
567 Optimization of acid resistance in granulated blast furnace slag-rich concrete
Christian Gerten
476 Organic acid attack of cement in batch experiments – Solution and mineral compositions, pore size distributions
Zsuzsanna Szabó-Krausz, Viktória Gável, György Falus, Csilla Király, Péter Kónya, Tamás Spránitz, Zoltán Szalai, Zoltán Dankházi, Csaba Szabó
[ top ]
ID Title
336 Panoramix: an integrated computational chemical, physical, and life cycle assessment approach to designing cement related materials
Niko Heeren, Rupert Myers
356 Parameterization of the C-S-H sheet growth model using experimental data
Long Nguyen-Tuan, Merlin A. Etzold, Christiane Roessler, Christoph Naber, Juergen Neubauer, Horst-Michael Ludwig
749 Performance and application of high volume mineral admixture concrete
Peiyu Yan, Lei Huang
611 Performance of CO2-reducing cement based on calcium silicates
Sada Sahu, Richard C. Meininger
Joachim Juhart, Lukas Briendl, Rudolf Röck, Isabel Galan Garcia, Maria Thumann, Florian Mittermayr, Wolfgang Kusterle
469 Performances and alteration mechanisms of OPC and of CAC-based matrices in anaerobic digestion systems
Marie Giroudon, Célestine Voegel, Cédric Patapy, Matthieu Peyre Lavigne, Benjamin Erable, Alexandra Bertron
665 pH-dependency of chloride binding in ordinary Portland cement
Petter Hemstad, Klaartje De Weerdt, Alisa Machner
762 Physical Properties of Cementitious materials with Carbonated Fluidized-bed Boiler Ash and Carbonation of Fluidized-bed Boiler ash
WoongGeol Lee, Kyungnam Kim, Myongshin Song, Sehoon Jeon
75 Physicochemical properties and durability of cement-based materials on the deep sea floor
Mari Kobayashi, Keisuke Takahashi, Toshiro Yamanaka, Hiroko Makita
508 Physicochemical properties of C-S-H gel characterized by nanoindentation
Chun-Tao Chen, Yo-Ting Chou, Ta-Peng Chang
Xuefang Wang, Shengxian Wang, Wenda Wu
796 Pore solution chemistry of fly ash geopolymer: Relation to the alkali-silica reaction resistance of geopolymer concrete
Jiawei Lei, Jiajun Fu, En-hua Yang
261 Preparation, characterization and dispersion properties of polycarboxylic modified graphene oxide nanocomposite
Ruijun Gao, Yan Yao, Hao Wu, Ling Wang
91 Preparation of bio-cement from rice husk ash with improved combustion technology
Zhen He, Lei Liu, Lingling Hu, Yixin Shao
525 Progressive Evolution of Concrete Mix Design and Related Issues
Subrata Chowdhury
76 Properties of concrete incorporating incinerated biomedical ash
Harsimranpreet Kaur, Rafat Siddique, Anita Rajor
792 Properties of nano-clay modified high-performance concrete undergoing freeze-thaw cycles in salt lake brine
Huimei Zhu, Qiang Song, Hui Li, Yaru Hu, Jun Zhang
39 Properties of Portland cement pastes enriched with addition of calcined clays
Nailia Rakhimova, Ravil Rakhimov, Albert Gaifullin
89 Ptychographic X-ray computed tomography analysis of cement pastes
MIGUEL ARANDA, Ana Cuesta, Angeles De la Torre, Pavel Trtik, Ana Diaz
[ top ]
ID Title
339 Quantification of interaction between alkali metal ions and C-(A-)S-H/cement paste for a wide range of ion concentrations
Kazuko Haga, Sadayuki Watanabe, Kazuo Yamada
768 Quantitative study on hydration products of calcium sulfoaluminate cement/Portland cement blends
Namkon Lee, Juhyuk Moon, Solmoi Park, Yeonung Jeong
[ top ]
ID Title
166 Radiation damage effects in cementitious grouts used for nuclear waste disposal in the UK
Sarah Kearney, Brant Walkley, Claire Corkhill, John Provis
95 Radionuclides immobilization in cement matrix: capacity of C-(A-)S-H to retain Cs
Eduardo Duque-Redondo, Kazuo Yamada, Hegoi Manzano
430 Rapid screening method to determine hydraulic activity index of pumiceous pozzolanic materials from Guatemala using XRD
Luis Velásquez, Roberto Diaz, Carmela Barrientos, Elvis García
657 Rate of absorption of carbon dioxide by pure Portland and blended cement pastes
Carmen Andrade, Miguel Angel Sanjuán, Isabel Galán
457 Rational design of alkali activated slag materials
Susan A. Bernal, Xinyuan Ke, John L. Provis
181 Raw meal and slag reactions during cement clinker formation
Erik Viggh, Dan Boström, Bodil Wilhelmsson
273 Reaction kinetics, reaction products and strength development of alkali-activated slag/fly-ash blends: Influence of activators
Siva uppalapati, Özlem Cizer
243 Reactivity of Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Ashes as a Supplementary Cementitious Material
Nele De Belie, Aneeta Mary Joseph, Stijn Matthys
447 ReaxFF force field: concept, practical aspects, and application to cement research
Hegoi Manzano
368 Recent developments in analytical SEM techniques combined with focused ion beam sectioning to image the 3D nanostructure of hydrated cements
Bernd Möser, Christiane Rössler, Horst-Michael Ludwig
290 Reconstruction of ITZ in mortar by stochastic optimization and evaluation of anisotropic properties
Se-Yun Kim, Tong-Seok Han
Blas Cantero Chaparro, Isabel Fuencisla Sáez del Bosque, Agustín Matías Sánchez, María Isabel Sanchez de Rojas Gómez, César Medina Martínez
217 Reducing the CO2 footprint of cement production by electrification
Bodil Wilhelmsson, Rainer Backman
495 Refining the pore structure of geopolymer cements for improving radioactive waste conditioning
Bastien Planel, Sandy Lanier, Catherine Davy, David Lambertin
22 Relation between heavy metal sorption ability and crystal structure of calcined dolomite
Yuuki Itaya, Kenji Kuninishi, Hiroyuki Sakakibara
66 Relation between strength of cements based on different clinkers and their microstructure
Harald Justnes, Klaartje De Weerdt, Tone Østnor
501 Relationship between composition, rheological and swelling properties of alkali-silica gels produced in cemented waste packages
Nicolas Courtois, Céline Cau Dit Coumes, Arnaud Poulesquen, Jérémy Haas, Seif Ben Hadj Hassine, David Bulteel
93 Relaxation time of hardened cement paste measured by proton NMR and transport properties
Kiyofumi Kurumisawa
200 Research on dispersion performance of modified graphene in aqueous and cement matrix
Zhibo Sheng, Mingli Cao, Fang Yu, Jianbo Xiong, Zhihong Fan, Haicheng Yang
79 Revealing the impact of synthetic C-S-H onto cement hydration
Elisabeth John, Dietmar Stephan
620 Revisiting the relation between alkilinity of pore solution and expansion due to alkali-silica reaction in ternary mixtures incorporating glass powder
Isabelle Fily-Paré, Benoit Fournier, Josée Duchesne, Arezki Tagnit-Hamou
383 Rheological investigations on ultra-high performance alkali activated material (UPAAM)
Alexander Wetzel, Bernhard Middendorf
178 Rheological property of mortar containing high volume blast furnace slag powder as cement
Akari Hosogai
168 RILEM TC 267-TRM report: results of a round robin campaign on chemical reactivity test methods for supplementary cementitious materials
Xuerun LI, Ruben SNELLINGS, Karen SCRIVENER, RILEM TC 267-TRM Committee
491 Role of ternesite on the hydration of C3A in the presence and absence of gypsum
Myriam Montes, Esther Pato, Paula Carmona-Quiroga, María Teresa Blanco-Varela
[ top ]
ID Title
483 Self-healing of cracks in cement paste with aggressive-ion-bonding healing agent
Xintong Wu, Haoliang Huang, Hao Liu
Puneet Kaura, Vir Vikram Arora, Bikekananda Mohapatra
388 Siderite (FeCO3) cementation by carbonation of iron rich systems
Sumit Srivastava, Pegie Cool, Vera Meynen, Ruben Snellings
311 Strength and microstructure of metakaolin-fly ash based geopolymers at different l/s ratios
Oliver Vogt, Neven Ukrainczyk, Eddie Koenders
154 Structural properties of tobermorite in autoclaved aerated concrete depending on the chemical composition of raw materials
Jürgen Schreiner, Friedlinde Goetz-Neunhoeffer, Jürgen Neubauer, Daniel Jansen
742 Structure and reactivity of synthetic CaO-Al2O3-SiO2 glasses
Sylwia Kucharczyk, Maciej Zajac, Christopher Stabler, René Mossing Thomsen, Mohsen Ben Haha, Jørgen Skibsed, Jan Deja
737 Structure of synthetic calcium silicate hydrate (C-S-H) in presence of aluminum and alkalis
Yiru Yan, Barbara Lothenbach, Alessio Di Giacomo, Karen Schrivener
426 Studies of self-desiccation of hydrating binder systems by combined isothermal calorimetry and relative humidity measurements
Lars Wadsö, Oskar Linderoth, Tetyana Kuratnyk, Andre Mayer
662 Study of carbonation mechanism and post-carbonation permeability in a cement with high content of blast furnace slag
Iyoda Takeshi, Nakamura Junya, Goto Seishi
219 Study of ettringite formation, alone and from tricalcium aluminate
Estelle Poupelloz, Sandrine Gauffinet, André Nonat
87 Study of formation of thaumasite on hydration of ternesite clinker
Karel Dvořák, Marcela Fridrichová, Dominik Gazdič
226 Study of hydration courses in multicomponent binder system matrixes
Matúš Žemlička, Eva Kuzielová, Martin Palou
663 Study of the carbonation mechanism in natural exposure and accelerated test using blast furnace slag
Junya Nakamura, Takeshi Iyoda, Seishi Goto
71 Study of the influence of triethanolamine on fly ash blended cement
Rachel Reiver, Nathalie Azema, Gwenn Le Saout, Eric Garcia-Diaz, Lucia Ferrari, Vanessa Kocaba
214 Study on activation energy of calcined clays from different calcination process
Wilasinee Hanpongpun, Hadi Kazemi-Kamyab, Ruben Snellings, Karen Scrivener
463 Study on alkali aggregate reaction and sulphide attack on aged concrete large dams
Vir Vikram Arora, Brijesh Singh
30 Study on the capillary absorption of water and sodium chloride solutions in cement-based materials
Fangzhou Ren, Chunsheng Zhou, Wei Wang
513 Study on the interface transition zone of concrete produced with reclaimed aggregates produced from returned concrete
Giorgio Ferrari, Gilberto Artioli, Alberto Brocchi, Michele Secco, Luca Torelli
272 Study on the oven-drying method at 40°C for hardened cement sample and the application
Tomoyuki Hayakawa, Kazuhiro Nakaso, Tetsunari Mizuno, Shigeru Takahashi
299 Study on the reactivity of blast furnace slag aggregate
Natsumi Noguchi, Tomohiro Kajio, Yuka Morinaga, Elakneawaran Yogarajah, Toyoharu Nawa
564 Suitability of dolomitic carbonate rocks as cement main constituents
Klaus Lipus
632 Sulfate resistance of dry mix shotcretes with new binder composition
Florian Steindl, Florian Mittermayr, Maria Thumann, Joachim Juhart, Isabel Galan, Andre Baldermann, Lukas Briendl, Marlene Sakoparnig, Rudolf Röck, Wolfgang Kusterle
112 Sulphate optimization of binders containing portland cement clinker using isothermal calorimetry
Thomas Matschei, Peter Kruspan, Paul Sandberg, Lars Wadso
572 Superiority of composite cement over binary blended cement
Bibekananda Mohapatra
752 Suppressing alkali-silica reaction through incorporation of calcined kaolinite–montmorillonite clay blends
Jianqiang Wei
685 Synergetic effects of MgO-based expansive additive and inner curing agent on mitigating the autogeneous shrinkages of cement pastes
Liwu Mo, Jianwei Fang, Bei Huang, Min Deng
96 Synchrotron X-ray pair distribution function analysis of tricalcium silicate pastes
Ana Cuesta, Jesus D. Zea-Garcia, Angeles G. De la Torre, Isabel Santacruz, Miguel A.G. Aranda
172 Synthesis and hydration of ye’elimite doped with Na and Fe
Frank Winnefeld, Craig W. Hargis, Andreas Leemann, Barbara Lothenbach
400 Synthesis of nanoparticles by supercritical fluids technology to use as addition for cement
Edurne Erkizia, Marta Diez, Francisco Borja Aguirre, Alejandro Salvador, Juan Jose Gaitero, Jorge Sanchez Dolado, Cyril Aymonier
705 Synthesis Technology of Polycarboxylate Water Reducing Agent
Shengnan Sha, Caijun Shi, Min Wang
[ top ]
ID Title
712 Temperature monitoring and long-term durability of marine mass concrete under high temperature, high humidity and high salt environments
Liulei Lu, Qionglin Fu, Jian Lin, Shuai Gao, Shan Hu, Junfeng Wang
771 Tensile bond characteristics of underwater coatings for marine concrete structures
Min Ook Kim, Boreum Won
408 Ternary binders with slag and metakaolin: revealing the influence of metakaolin during hydration and pore structure development
Monica Lundgren, Arezou Babaahmadi, Urs Mueller
510 The coupling effect of pressure and freeze-thaw cycles on the durability of concrete
Yanru Wang, Peng zhang, Zuhua Zhang, Yubin Cao, Hao Wang
24 The effectiveness of superabsorbent polymers for internal curing as studied by NMR
Didier Snoeck, Leo Pel, Nele De Belie
380 The effect of CaCO3 as mineral addition on early age chemical shrinkage of cement pastes
Ximena Gaviria, Jorge Iván Tobón
345 The effect of dispersing agent on the rheological properties of different types of Portland cement from Latin América
Danila Ferraz, Ariane Carolina Rodrigues Martho, Elizabeth Burns, Roberto Cesar Oliveira Romano, Rafael Giuliano Pileggi
387 The effect of fly ash on chloride thresholds for corrosion
Michael Thomas
740 The effect of highly reactive pozzolan on the hydration of alite – C3A – gypsum model system
Ewa Kapeluszna, Łukasz Kotwica, Wiesława Nocuń-Wczelik
464 The effect of hydrothermal curing on the hydration reaction and properties of Oil-Well and special Portland cements
Martin Palou, Eva Kuzielová, Matúš Žemlička, Ľubomír Ježo, Janette Dragomirová
676 The effect of metakaolin on the hydration of calcium sulfoaluminate cement
Malene Pedersen, Barbara Lothenbach, Frank Winnefeld, Jørgen Skibsted
441 The effect of submicron cellulosic fibers on the micro-structure of cement paste
Jing Wu, Qingjun Ding, Luoxin Wang, Wen Yang, Hua Wang
485 The factors governing the influence of heavy metals on the setting of Portland cement
Pawel Pichniarczyk
350 The glass structure of granulated blast furnace slag and its effect on reactivity
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595 The high ductility cementitious composites based on low elastic modulus cementitious matrix
Yunhua Zhang, Zhipeng Zhang, Feng Ding, Zhiyi Liu, Ruoxin Wang
295 The hydration of calcium aluminates phases at low temperatures (5 °C, 10 °C, 15 °C)
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92 The hydration of Fly ash cement with optimized clinker
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46 The characteristics of boron modified active belite (BAB) cement
Aydin Saglik
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Piotr Stępień, Jan Małolepszy
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19 The influence of CKD (cement kiln dust) addition on the physical and mechanical properties of Portland and slag cement
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234 The influence of different starting conditions to the hydrothermal formation of tobermorite - influence of silica source and water-to-solid ratio
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793 The influence of direct current on the hydration of alkali activated fly ash cementing materials at early age
Xiaodong Jiao, Hui Li, Wukui Zheng, Huimei Zhu, Feng Wu, Wei Wang, Mengmeng Zhou
193 The mechanical behavior of foamed concrete specimens with different binders evaluated using micro-CT images and crack phase field model
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126 The multifunctional CaxAlyOz materials: synthesis, properties and application
Kestutis Baltakys, Tadas Dambrauskas, Anatolijus Eisinas, Agne Bankauskaite, Skirmante Zadaviciute
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20 The real world of physical attack on concrete
Zanqun Liu, Dehua Deng, Geert De Schutter
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505 Thermochromic mortar based on eco-efficient belite cement for improvement of building sustainability
Gloria Perez, Alicia Pons, Maria J. Gavira, Virginia R. Allegro, Mariano Corroto, Ana Guerrero
675 The role of aluminum in Calcium Silicate Hydrate phases: A solid-state 27Al and 29Si NMR investigation
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61 The role of barrier layers and reactive site deactivation on dissolution suppression: implications on mitigating alkali-silica reaction
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101 The unusual behaviour of specific biopolymers as accelerator in alumina cement
Alexander Engbert, Johann Plank
[ top ]
ID Title
285 Use of modified waste sludge from limestone washing into a form of alternative binder
Alexandra Rybová, Anežka Zezulová, Dana Kubátová, Martin Palou, Theodor Staněk
[ top ]
ID Title
369 Valorization of glasses waste as eco-efficient cementitious materials
Agustín Laveglia, Mónica Adriana Trezza, Viviana Fátima Rahhal
655 Variability of calcium sulfoaluminate cements and its effect on their performances and on the valorization of zinc rich waste
Joelle KLEIB, Georges Aouad, Mirvat Zakhour
756 Viscosity and early porosity development of expired cement paste with low water to cement ratio
Yening Yu, Yong Ge, Liting Yu
[ top ]
ID Title
527 Waste CO2 upcycling as a means to improve ready mixed concrete sustainability
Sean Monkman, Kevin Cail
254 Water absorption of high volume fly ash concrete prepared by local fly ash
Jinfeng Sun, Yu Zhang, Xiaodong Shen, Gang Tan, Jennifer Tanner
500 Water transport in cementitious materials post-treated by nano-silica
Badreddine El Haddaji, Emmanuel Keita, Nicolas Roussel
[ top ]
ID Title
342 Xonotlite synthesis from opoka and its application for thermal insulating materials
Raimundas Siauciunas, Giedrius Smalakys
[ top ]
ID Title
139 2D 29Si{1H} NMR studies of sorption site in C-S-H
Daisuke Minato

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