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Monday, September 30, 2019

Proceedings of Concrete Solutions 7th International Conference on Concrete Repair

Self Healing Concrete

Optimizing approach on Fibre Engineered Cementitious Materials with Self-Healing capacity (SH-FECM) by the use of slurry lime (SL) addition
Cornelia Baeră, Henriette Szilagyi, Claudiu Matei, Andreea Hegyi, Adrian Lăzărescu and Anamaria Cătălina Mircea

Production of concrete compatible biogranules for self-healing concrete applications
Merve Sonmez and Yusuf Cagatay Ersan

Durability of self-healing concrete
Nele De Belie, Bjorn Van Belleghem, Yusuf Çağatay Erşan and Kim Van Tittelboom

An experimental and numerical study on vascular self-healing cementitious materials
Anthony Jefferson, Tharmesh Selvarajoo, Brubeck Freeman and Robert Davies

Effect of oxygen permeability on corrosion properties in mortar specimens mixed with bacillus subtilis
Saaya Sugitani, Keiyu Kawaai and Isao Ujike

Effect of crack pattern on the self-healing capability in traditional, HPC and UHPFRC concretes measured by water and chloride permeability
Alberto Negrini, Marta Roig-Flores, Eduardo J. Mezquida-Alcaraz, Liberato Ferrara and Pedro Serna

Patch Repair

Effect of micro-climate variations on carbonation rate of concrete in the inland environment
Yunusa Aminu Alhassan and Sunday Apeh

Abrasion resistance of high early-strength concrete for rapid repair
Nader Ghafoori, Matthew O. Maler, Meysam Najimi and Ariful Hasnat

Properties of high early-strength Type V cement concrete for rapid repair
Nader Ghafoori, Matthew O. Maler, Meysam Najimi and Ariful Hasnat

Prediction of the swelling capacity of salt-insensitive superabsorbent polymers in concrete by rheological measurements
Oliver Mazanec, Alessander Assmann and Diana Eissmann

The role of shrinkage reducing admixtures and supplementary cementitious materials in volume stability and strength development
Ioanna Papayianni, Fotini Kesikidou and Philip Henes Alt

Mix-Design and Control of Exposure Class of Durable Concrete
Peter Paulini

Experimental study of the influence of crack width due to corrosion behaviour using different measurement methods and different exposures
Martin Schneider and Georg Gardener

How concrete removal techniques affect the bonding between concrete and repair mortar
Mohammad Ali Yazdi, Elien Dejager, Mats Debraekeleer, Elke Gruyaert, Kim Van Tittelboom and Nele De Belie

Electrochemical Repair

The effects of anode distance and corrosion activity on current distribution for ICCP systems
Shamir Bhuiyan, David Law, Liam Ward and Justin Saliba

Impressed current cathodic protection with embedded anodes – field trial on the Viaduc de Saint-Cloud in France
Véronique Bouteiller, Guillaume Damien, Frédéric Boinski, Julien Schneider and Christophe Michaux

New developments for corrosion protection of concrete structures in Australia
Atef Cheaitani and Samir Cheytani

Zinc layer anode applied on reinforced concrete structures
Xavier Hallopeau, Eugène Moucadeau, Roberto Giorgini, Olivier Lesieutre, Arnaud Meillier and Camille Annede-Villeau

Residual protection on a wharf structure following application of impressed current cathodic protection
Shamir Bhuiyan, David Law and Peter Nicholls

Cathodic protection of reinforcement in concrete – experience and development over 30 years
Rob Polder and Willy Peelen

Application of CFRP as anode in cathodic protection for steel reinforced concrete – a review
Emma Qingnan Zhang and Luping Tang

Insights from corrosion current measurements on corrosion mechanisms in reinforced concrete and on the evaluation of other corrosion data
Ulrich Schneck

Instant performance verification after electrochemical chloride extraction by enhanced corrosion testing
Ulrich Schneck

Galvanic chloride extraction by an embedded zinc anode: Ion distribution mapped by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)
W. Schwarz, Gerd Wilsch, A. Pichlhöfer, G. Ebell and T. Völker

A fresh look at depolarisation criteria for cathodic protection of steel reinforcement in concrete
Nikita Rathod, Peter Slater, George Sergi, Gamini Seveviratne and David Simpson

Monitoring and testing corrosion and responsive behaviour in galvanic systems.
Christian Stone, Gareth Glass, Adrian Roberts and Nigel Davison

Case studies of hybrid and galvanic systems on bridge structures
Christian Stone, Michel Donadio, Christian Christodoulou and Nigel Davison

Results on the long-term performance and effectiveness of a galvanic CP system applied on a lightweight concrete bridge with prestressed steel as determined by depolarisation values and current densities
A.J. (Hans) van den Hondel

Strengthening Materials and Techniques/Repair with Composites

Behaviour of column constructed with FRP tubes filled with concrete
Ted Donchev, Vineta Srebrenkoska, Diana Petkova, Mohammad Albkeirat and Hikmatullah Akhundzada

Implications upon using exterior post-tensioning tendons to retrofit a low strength concrete waffle slab
Andrei Faur and Virág Jacint

Hybrid fibre-reinforced geopolymer (HFRG) composites as an emerging material in retrofitting aging and seismically-deficient concrete and masonry structures
Ernesto Guades, Henrik Stang, Gregor Fisher and Jacob Schmidt

Experimental testing of medium scale GFRP reinforced concrete frames
George Hopartean, Ted Donchev, Diana Petkova, Costas Georgopoulos, Mukesh Limbachiya and Noel Parnada

Experimental study regarding the influence of fibre to matrix compatibility on general performance of Fibre Engineered Cementitious Materials (FECM)
Anamaria Mircea, Călin Mircea, Henriette Szilágyi, Cornelia Baeră and Andreea Hegyi

Influence of the surface modification by sanding of carbon textile reinforcements on the bond and load-bearing behavior of textile reinforced concrete
Cynthia Morales Cruz and Michael Raupach

Surface Protection Methods and Materials

Corrosion protection of steel reinforcement by using surface applied corrosion inhibitors
Engin Cueneyt Seyhan, Fred Goodwin and I-Wen (Evan) Huang

Reinforced concrete corrosion prevention/reduction by hydrophobic impregnation
Michel Donadio, Mirdash Bakalli and Zeno Dan

Opportunities regarding the potential use of the self-cleaning concept within urban contemporary architecture in Romania
Elvira Grebenişan, Henriette Szilagyi, Andreea Hegyi, Călin Mircea and Cornelia Baeră

Self-Cleaning Concrete for Landscaping Applications
Diana-Maria Mircea

Comparative study on shotcrete repair solutions of buried steel pipelines
Călin GR Mircea, Sergiu Blaga and Ovidiu Dăbăcan

NDT and Diagnosis of Problems

Estimation of In-situ concrete strength using drilling resistance
Serkan Karatosun, Muhammet Asan and Oguz Gunes

New warning sensors to detect corrosion risk in reinforced concrete
Mahdi Khadra, Elisabeth Marie-Victoire, Myriam Bouichou, Christian Crémona and Stéphanie Vildaer

Comparison of 2D and 3D ultrasonic pulse echo imaging techniques for structural assessment.
Lubos Misak, David Corbett and Michael Grantham

Effectiveness of two field methods of saturating near surface concrete on the water permeability of in situ concrete
Kai Yang, Muhammed Basheer, Sreejith Nanukuttan, Yun Bai and Adrian Long

Repair and Preservation of Heritage Structures

Performance of patch repairs on historic concrete structures: a preliminary assessment
Ana Paula Arato Gonçalves, Susan Macdonald, Élisabeth Marie-Victoire, Myriam Bouichou and Chris Wood

A novel approach to in-depth façade assessments: Improved corrosion test methods for embedded steel framing in historic masonry clad buildings
Gina Crevello, Irene Matteini and Paul Noyce

Challenges of preserving modernist concrete
Ann Harrer and Paul Gaudette

Service Life Modelling

Influence of carbonation on the resistance of concrete structures to chloride penetration and corrosion
Abbas S. AL-Ameeri, M. Imran Rafiq and Ourania Tsioulou

Predicting residual service life of concrete infrastructure: a considerably controversial subject
Joost Gulikers

Condition assessment and service life prediction of a marine concrete structure: an interesting case study
Joost Gulikers

ASR: Practical investigative techniques and field monitoring systems used to assess ASR for service life modeling.
Irene Matteini, Paul Noyce and Gina Crevello

Experimental study of the influence of crack width due to corrosion behaviour using different measurement methods and different exposures
Martin Schneider and Georg Gardener

Comparison between the predicted performance curve and the Markov Chain models for structural performance of infrastructure components
Nabil Semaan and Youssef Dib

The influence of SAPs on chloride ingress in cracked concrete
Tim Van Mullem, Robby Caspeele and Nele De Belie

Whole Life Costing/Lifetime Cost Saving

Pretensioned BFRP reinforced concrete beams: Flexural behaviour and estimation of initial prestress losses
Ana Pavlović, Ted Donchev, Diana Petkova, Mukesh Limbachiya and Refad Almuhaisen

Modelling the behaviour of concrete shear walls with BFRP reinforcement
Hamid Rahman, Ted Donchev and Diana Petkova

Durability of concretes prepared with crystalline admixtures
Kosmas K. Sideris, A. Chatzopoulos, Ch. Tassos and P. Manita

Case Studies

Field investigation of slab deterioration due to carbonation in a concrete building
Eleni B. Araya, Stephen Ekolu and Fitsum Solomon

Structural condition assessment of a reinforced concrete driveway
Piotr Berkowski and Grzegorz Dmochowski

Concrete repair challenges in the Middle East
Rene Brueckner

Structural failure of old reinforced concrete river wharf
Grzegorz Dmochowski and Piotr Berkowski

Life cycle assessment of refurbishment scenarios to confined tank structures at a waste water treatment plant
Michel Donadio, Catrina Heider and Zeno Dan

Hybrid sandwich panels for building uses: focus on glass fibre reinforced polymer and mineral matrix interface.
Khaled Djama, Laurent Michel, Emmanuel Ferrier and Aron Gabor

Corrosion at low moisture content in both carbonated and chloride polluted concrete – Villa E-1027, a case study
Elisabeth Marie-Victoire and Myriam Bouichou

Investigation of the prestressed beams and glass-window panels at a shopping centre
Andreea-Terezia Mircea

Flexure Behaviour of Reinforced High Strength Concrete Elements Affected by Corrosion
Camelia Negrutiu, Ioan Sosa and Bogdan Heghes

Study on estimation of creep behaviour of concrete at early age considering temperature effect
Kayo Ohashi, Jun-ichi Arai and Toshiaki Mizobuchi

The influence of defects at the steel/concrete interface for pitting corrosion initiation studied through X-ray Computed Tomography and image analysis
Emanuele Rossi, Timo Nijland, Oğuzhan Çopuroğlu, Rob Polder and Branko Šavija

Research and practices of large composite external wall panels for energy saving prefabricated buildings
Yunxing Shi, Yangang Zhang, Kun Ni, Wei Liu and Ye Luo

Sustainable Repair

Mechanical properties of alkali activated geopolymer paste using different Romanian fly ash sources – experimental results
Adrian Lăzărescu, Călin Mircea, Henriette Szilagyi and Cornelia Baeră

Development of sustainable concrete repair materials via microencapsulated agents
Chrysoula Litina and Abir Al-Tabbaa


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